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highlights from autumn 2010

Playing TBA with guitar pedals

The collaboration with my colleague Terje Moe Hansen was really interesting. He has been researching how Paganini’s violin technique gave extended technical possibilities on the violin in his time. Terje  has also made a set of own violin techniques, and he uses his own and Paganini’s techniques together in a virtuoso way. Especially “the other way round hand position”, which means that the whole hand is placed of the left side of the finger-board, and you get access to the thumb as a fifth finger.

Terje has no problem making the violin sound like a seagull, and he used all his brilliant techniques in our improvisation. Based on Paganini’s caprice no. 24, we worked with hip-hop loops, free impro over a time-stretched Rachmaninov’s Variations over a theme of Paganini, and fiddling around with the theme itself.

Terje also played his own pieces in the concert, and a piece by Ivar Frounberg, joined by the fantastic trombone player Niels-Ole Bo Johansen. He just impressed me with his Sequenza by Berio.

November 8 I made an introduction about noise, which I held at the Levin hall at NMH. I also performed Jon Hegre’s piece TBA. The piece is improvised over certain instructions by the composer, and one of them is to make a wall of noise. Using two fuzz pedals and crush tones, I had expected the piece to be really loud, but I don’t think it was loud enough. Nobody even reacted to the piece after the concert.



September 5th I played Peter Torquists “Traces” at the Punktfestival in Kristiansand. A very interesting festival very various artist work with remix of each others concerts. We were remixing Arve Henriksen toghether with members of Kristiansand Symhony Orchestra. Later the same evening “Traces” were remixed by helge Sten and Jan Bang.

Every performance in the festival were had beautiful lightening and/ or use of video and visual elements. It was very natural incorporated into the festival.

More about the music and some more pics later.



punkt festivalen

On Saturday September 5th I will perform Peter Tornquist new piece Traces on Punkt- festival in Kristiansand together with a symfonietta from the Kristiansand Symphony orchestra. “The piece is based on the collaboration with Arve Henriksen in the development of an interactive model for musical composition. In this collaboration, Improvisation and composition are understood as equivalent phenomena in distinct artistic domains and as complementary attitudes towards musical creativity.

The collaboration stretches from the use of improvised data in formalized compositional systems into broader issues of production and perception of art, challenging the boundaries between the creative and performative realms of music defined by the conventional roles of composer/performer.The concept of feedback is used for describing the cyclical exchange between composer and a performer in sucessive ImproSessions. The distinct stages of these cyclical interactions are described as translation, reaction and response.” (from program to

In the concert Peter will conduct the orchestra, I will interact with the orchestra and the electronics, and we will also play some of our duomaterial in between the 5 movements.



IMG_4862June 25 and 26 Peter Tornquist and I met to record the sound material for the installation at Lydgalleriet this Autumn. We got very good support from Ulf Holand at NMH how to get every line recorded separately. We used Ableton live for recording and Peter used his beautiful Syntplant and GRM tools as well as Ableton.

We discovered many new sounds and worked with  noice, minimalistic elements and melodic elements using  “freeze” device in GRM tools. Peter used several at the same time to create the feelig of looping. We also worked on transformation from one musical state to another. After a while we discovered that the musical landscape led by the choice of tool in the syntplant, GRM tools and Ableton  gave the best musical result.



ftm workshop and concert


Rehersal with Diemo Schwarz at BEK

March 9-13 I participated on a FTM workshop at Bek in Bergen led by Diemo Schwarz from Ircam. A very challenging but interesting workshop. FTM is an extension for Max/MSP and PureData providing a small and simple real-time object system and a set of optimized services. ( Towards the end of the workshop he also went through Gabor and CaraRT.  In Gabor I founded some really interested pre-programmed patches I want to try out. Friday 13.3 I played a concert at Landmark together with Diemo Schwarz. He first had a soloimprovisastion followed by our improvisation and then the soundartist James Webb performed. During the stay I also worked with Thomas Dahl creating some new soundscapes for our piece. He used some of his favourite filters and features in Ableton. I think we have some really interesting material now; I just have find time to work and develop sounds and practice with the midipedal.  I want the pedal for to feel like an extension of my instrument so every move become smooth and sensitive.
I also worked with videoartist Mattias with our realtimeimprovisation concept. He is now using a “box” to project on. It feels much more like a symbiotic connection between audio and visual when we both relate to the visual material on the box.
On March I rehearsed with Diemo Schwarz at Bek. It was really interesting. I hope I can put some sound out in a while.


Mattias Arvastsson projecting on an object. We will use this for our next gig.3353838808_894243aa07_m5

Diemo Schwarz and me at concert at Landmark

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