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working with installation

I have been very busy working with the installation for the Soundgallery in Bergen. The process with developing Victoria Counts into an installation started a year ago, but first during this summer I got to work on the real development. I had some very interesting talk with Birgitta Cappelen and Anders-Petter Anderson during this summer. They have been working with installation art and crossover genres for ages in the the group musical for fields forever. The most important question which came out of the discussions is:  What do you want to communicate in this piece?

To find the core of the piece has been a challenge. I have decided to divide the piece into different “worlds”; home, world and spiritual. Aiming for the spiritual using the Counting exercise from Gurdieff as the read tread. He have bee reading Gurdieff,s book “Views from the real world”


Technically I started off with some sketches in Max with help from Ivar Frounberg. After a while  I got a patch from Jørgen Larsson based on the sketches. Visually I have landed on some jitter patches which can show the photos really slowly, or faster. I will use the combination of slow/fast to illustrate the different speed and density of the 3 worlds. Regarding the other pieces I will come back with some reflection later.

Another artist which writes very well about the spiritual world is David Lynch. he manages to combine his artwork and his spiritual growth, and let the art emerge out og contact with the unconscious. images1I read the book “Catching the big fish” while working on my installation.

Last week I was at Henie Onstad seeing Schwitters exibition. I also heard a concert with the text/sound artist Sten Hanson. Very inspiring.

I found the reconstructed mini-version of Merzbow the most interesting

I am off to Bergen on Sunday to see HC Giljes exhibition Blink and then put up my own, Satellite.

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