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hyperimprovisation seminar September 15-17

One of the pioneers within the genre of electronics Joel Chadabe says so well:
.. I have always imagined myself as the pilot of a space ship flying through that musical universe, going wherever I want to go, encountering sounds in whatever order I choose, Realizing a limitless variety of musical forms …
The prefix hyper-is used in mathematics to describe the operations that have more than four dimensions, or something that is above, beyond or expanded.

Does the use of electronics provide improvisation a new dimension?

In my desire to expand sound wise and musically the exploration and work with electronics has been a natural choice. The electronics gives the performer the opportunity to expand their soundpalette and to navigate as in an open form composition. This freedom and improvisation, in my opinion the key to that musician from different genres can communicate together within the same sound universe. It is this sense of freedom and participation in my musical work that has created this fascination for working with electronics. A concurrent observation, I have also found in the research of one of the participants in the seminar hyper flutist Cleo Palacio-Quintin.
A musician’s role changes in the work with electronics. The performer must make compositional decisions as he / she “orchestrates” his own improvisations.
Having participated in many scientific conferences where technology and music are viewed from a technological perspective, I have felt the need for a forum in which live electronics and improvisation is seen in the practitioner’s perspective. A meeting place where praxis and musical meetings are emphasized, and where there also will be time for discussion.
The performers at the seminar comes from the classical, jazz, electronica and noise scene, but have in common that they are using electronics as their partner and as a tool of improvisation. No matter what kind of program or setup to use, I see live electronics and interaction with the computer and other electronics as an extension of my own instrument. One gets the opportunity to interact in relation to different types of sounds and textures. Because the processes and transformations on the computer may have a degree of “unpredictability” about it, it will give the performer a material to react to. In other words, the electronics is affected of the musician’s response to the electronic, which again affects the performer.
To control the processes on the computer different controllers are used. Some participants using sensors on the instrument, or they have designed a unique set of control counters as sensor gloves, pedals, or using the audio input.

Some questions:

How is the different performers personal practise of improvising with extended instruments and software?
Can you experience a difference between different software and controllers used in improvisation?
Can set up of electronics be perceived as a new or expanded instrument?
These and other questions will attempt to be answered during the seminar.

Thanks to the NOTAM and BEK and NMH for financial support.NOTAM




September 5th I played Peter Torquists “Traces” at the Punktfestival in Kristiansand. A very interesting festival very various artist work with remix of each others concerts. We were remixing Arve Henriksen toghether with members of Kristiansand Symhony Orchestra. Later the same evening “Traces” were remixed by helge Sten and Jan Bang.

Every performance in the festival were had beautiful lightening and/ or use of video and visual elements. It was very natural incorporated into the festival.

More about the music and some more pics later.




IMG_5695August 24 and 25 I had a workshop with video-analysis together with Alexander R Jensenius. Based on his research he made patches which could track my movements in a room. I used the sound to interact with recorded material from the violin. We used a big space ar the Academy hanging a web-camera in the roof.
on photo Alexander with research and development on a HIGH level! More about this later.


punkt festivalen

On Saturday September 5th I will perform Peter Tornquist new piece Traces on Punkt- festival in Kristiansand together with a symfonietta from the Kristiansand Symphony orchestra. “The piece is based on the collaboration with Arve Henriksen in the development of an interactive model for musical composition. In this collaboration, Improvisation and composition are understood as equivalent phenomena in distinct artistic domains and as complementary attitudes towards musical creativity.

The collaboration stretches from the use of improvised data in formalized compositional systems into broader issues of production and perception of art, challenging the boundaries between the creative and performative realms of music defined by the conventional roles of composer/performer.The concept of feedback is used for describing the cyclical exchange between composer and a performer in sucessive ImproSessions. The distinct stages of these cyclical interactions are described as translation, reaction and response.” (from program to

In the concert Peter will conduct the orchestra, I will interact with the orchestra and the electronics, and we will also play some of our duomaterial in between the 5 movements.

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