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telematic workshop in june


Victoria Johnson and Karianne Bjerkestrand inspired by sound and movement at the  concert

Workshop on Telematic issues June 3 – 6 with online rehearsals 10 – and Concert 11, 2009 Indianapolis – NMH, Oslo Scott Deal Deal currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana where he is a Professor of Music and Director of the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Centre at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. He started with a presentation about telematic art on June 3rd organised by and the NIME project of the Norwegian Academy of Music. The workshop consisted of, Kjell Tore Innervik, Ivar Froundberg, Alexander R Jensenius , Kari Anne Bjerkestrand and myself and Knut Vik with help from Charlotte Piene on video. We used the conference xp software for interactive learning. During the workshop we got experience performing on line. We performed two improvisations all together, “Shot and abandoned” all together, “Ester parade” in Indiana with Ivar Frounberg in Oslo, and three pieces in Oslo with Victoria Johnson, Kari Anne Bjerkestrand and Alexander Jensenius. It was very interesting to see how we could use video in motioncapture. Alexander Jensenius have some very stabile patches and we recorded some of my violinsound so when Kari Anne danced she dances my sound and I interacted. There are of course many issues which have to be solved technically and artisticly. Latency is a big issue and how we work with it and not against it. How to understand which sound is coming from whom is another challenge. Alexander Jensenius suggested that each person have their own sound source. At least the musical landscape will be more understandable for the audience. Conference xp have frames around the windows that is quit disturbing when you try to make an art piece.

Later the same week on June 6th I visited fourMs studio at University of Oslo to work some more with Alexander and see the new motioncapture studio.

From the concert, Victoria Johnson in action with Scott Deal in Indianapolis


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