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MCO/and indeed keeping in shape

I was in the beginning of May asked to play in the Mahler Chamber Orchestra in a project in Germany. I was really glad to be asked and thinking about my earlier posting keeping in shape;  I am indeed in a good shape after playing with this wonderful orchestra for 2.5 weeks. The orchestra play very well together with good intonation and great energy. Although I work with more experimental music and art I really need the “normal” playing and music making in order to develop as a musician. From this music and tradition all the new possibilities has emerged. I also used my time lately to finish the written project in pedagogics about “Contemporary music in string teaching” at the Academy of Music, a project I do together with collogue fellow Sigurd Imsen.
Live broadcast on ARTE of Weber’s Freischütz on 1 June 2009 and of the concert on 31 May 2009 featuring Schumann’s Symphony no.3 and selected works of Mozart.

After giving the MCO Residence in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) a festive start with a concert performance of Weber’s opera Der Freischütz under the direction of Thomas Hengelbrock, orchestra, conductor and soloists move on to the renowned resort city of Baden-Baden. The production, staged by Robert Wilson, will be broadcast live from Baden-Baden by ARTE and will also be available on as a live-stream.
The MCO’s concert with Thomas Hengelbrock will also be broadcast live. The programme includes Schumann’s lively Third Symphony in E-flat major as well as Mozart’s Symphony no.25 in g minor and selected arias of Mozart. Soloists will be soprano Véronique Gens and baritone Peter Mattei.

Der Freischütz: 1 June 2009, 7 pm

MCO Concert: 31 May 2009, 7 pm


audiovisual satelite

On May 7th Mattias Arvasstson and I had our performance at the Museum of contemporary Art in Oslo. We tried out the idea of using the movement, colours and pulsation of the video as a musical score, using Mattias,s object for projection. That meant that we did not have to have any walls for projection and did not have to interfere into the exhibition as such. Originally it had been the meaning that the concert installation should take place in the big exhibition room. It is very light in Norway during the summertime and i realised that during one of the visits to the museum that this room was much too light for projection.IMG_5222 We ended up to get a beautiful empty room at the second floor. Many thanks to Anna Lindblad at the the Museum of Contemporary Art who helped us to get this space and to arrange the concert.

On photo: The original space for the performance.

For the first time I played a concert without any soundperson there. I realised that the acoustics changed  a bit when the audience came, and I think I will bring a stage monitor for the next performance. I used 6 genelecs, one on the object and the one with pure violinsound behind  me, and the rest in in each corner. Again I used the a granulation process using 3 buffers with different lengths, pitching and grainlength. Thanks to Edvin Østvik for the beautiful and user-friendly maxpatch !We had to carry all the equipment ourself which was really hard!

After rigging up we got visitors from the Academy of music, the electroacoustic composition class came to see what we where doIMG_5253ing.

On photo: The performance space

Having 9 footpedals I got a very broad setup. I am looking forward to experiment more with some smaller controllers and setup.

I will also for the next performance have visual monitor in order to see the visuals better.

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