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img_4380On photo: Henrik Hellstenius, Ivar Frounberg and Edvin Østvik discussing the sound set-up.

The weekend og February 7-8 we used the Levinhall at the Academy to work on Victoria Counting II. It was the first possiblility to see how the video workes together with the music and live prosessed sound. We were working on different orders of the music and visuals as well as the narrative content og the video together with the music. How loud should the levels of the  soundscapes be? On Friday 13.2 we worked for the first time with director Jon Tombre. It was very interesting and challenging to see the piece from a dramatic point of view.


vinterlyd 26.9 09

Counting, Memory and Interrogation

Counting, memory and interrogation appear as a single coherent process where the audience surrounds the arena and is surrounded by four video screens. In the arena meanings-supporting events are unfurling – they extends towards the open horizon: the private sphere (in Hellstenius), the Mongolian desert (in Frounberg) and the psychopathic space (in Krunglevicius). We reach out for an extended meaning in relation to the abstraction classical music often represents. The desire is that the idea relates to general human psychological conditions and other universal human issues. We will examine what it is doing, to impact the formation and experience for the audience.

The performance is part of Vinterlydfestivalen and appears as a presentation of parts of the work of Norwegian Academy of Music target area for research and development: musical creation and renewal. The projects presented are all parts of the main subject area; Interactions and new sound possibilities. Interactions are in this context interpreted as the relationship between the public and private, distraction and concentration (in Hellstenius), relationships between memory and myth (in Frounberg) and the boundary between expression of power and assault (in Krunglevicius).

The performance includes three works:

Henrik Hellstenius: Victoria Counting II

Victoria Johnson, electric violin

Edvins Østvik, sound design

Mattias Arvastsson, video

Jon TOMBRE, director

Ivar Frounberg: dal niente

Kari Anne Bjerkestrand, dance,

Ivar Frounberg, laptop

Kjell Tore Innervik, laptop

Alexander Refsum Jensenius, laptop

Kristian Nymoen, laptop

Ignas Krunglevicius: interrogation

Rolf Erik Nystrøm, saxophone

The performance is financed by pilot funds from the Norwegian Academy of music

(text by Frounberg, Hellstenius, Kruglevicius and Johnson)



January 19-23 we had a workshop at the State Academy of music in spatialisation.

We where using the Auditorium which has a 7.1 sound system. Working in a big hall made a huge difference especially to Henrik Hellstenius Victoria Counting II. We had about 2 hours each on each piece and I also got to try out Ivar Frounberg,s granulation patch. Everything worked and the new set up for my midi pedal worked too. The patch has 3 buffers with a lot of

possibilities of playback and use of different filters.


Ivar Frounberg and myself trying out the granulationpatch at the workshop

Alexander R Jensenius did a very interesting demonstration of vbap;  surround panning for sound sources in multi-loudspeakers environments using Vector-Based Amplitude Panning. “In  VBAP the number of loudspeakers can be arbitrary, and they can be positioned in an arbitrary 2-D or 3-D setups.” (from the inventor of vbap Ville Pulkki,s homepage)

Alexander also demostrated rvbap with rewerb and munger1~ realtime multichannel granulator
a.k.a. the swiss-army-knife of realtime granular synthesis (

Edvin Østvik who is doing the live electronics Victoria Counting II is already using vbap and munger1~ . The new possibilities of the placing of the sounds is very promising. It  makes it possible to direct my sounds from the loudspeaker I am the closest to or in between. I do also like the different  possebilities of granulation in munger1~


I was at the opening og Christina Kubisch opening in Mortensrud church February 2 a beautiful chuch a little ouside Oslo. I really liked the way her installation was intergrated in the room and the use of infrared light. kubisch_teezer2

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