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realtime-video and audio

I had my first experience with real-time video/audio improvisation on my stay in Bergen  January 15-17 th.

Being able to have space at BEK Mattias Arvastsson and I worked on Victoria Counting II as well as  real-time improvisation together. I also got to meet Trond Lossius at Bek Jørgen Larsson at Lydgalleriet to discuss a project for the Autumn. More about this later. Fortunately I got to see see the opening of the exibition “Composers in Space” at Lydgalleriet as well as the exibition Looking is Political at Bergen kunsthall the same evening. img_4304

From “Composers in space at Lydgalleriet”, work by: Bjørn Erik Haugen

The electric guitarist and composer Thomas Dahl from Bergen  is also one of the composers in my project. We luckily now founded time to work together, and trying out some sound material in live and guitar rig.img_42971

Thomas Dahl working at BEK.



Last Wednesday 14.1 I had a small workshop with the contemporary music interpretationclass at the State Academy. I made a short introduction about my project, but very soon moved into practical use of 2 different max patches. I let the students improvise with  11 sec delay with a great amout of rewerb. It is the same patch I use for Arne Nordheim Partita für Paul.  The students used a condensator mic so we had to be really careful with feedback. I do not have these problems on the electric violin so I am not used to deal with that challenge. After we worked with a granulationpacth I have used a lot in Fat Battery. In the end I did some basic improvsiation in LIVE which I think the students enjoyed the most.


concerts/workshops Autumn 2008

November 28
Concert Mannheim Signale Festival with Fat Battery.
The last concert this year was in Mannheim at the contemporary festival Signale organized by Dennis Kuhn and Siegfried Kutterer. Fat Battery played as a quartet without percussion, with lot of percussive sounds at Thorolf,s computer.
We played our set together with the two fantastic percussionists from Basel Symphony Orchestra: Szilàrd Buti and Domenico Melchiorre playing Siegfried Kutterer: “Straight Inside” in between our improvisations. Other pieces like Xenakis,s “Psappha” where combined with Vaages Multimorf II played by Thorolf Thuestad and myself.
I was impressed how this concertconcept managed to combine traditional contemporary music (a lot of different percussion pieces where performed by a huge ensemble) improvisation, sound sculpture, performance and videopieces like Corpoel and Psychodrama by Vinko Globokar. The concert where presented in a very professional way. Sound and light was here and at the concert at Basel Theater a month before was on a very high level.
The critics in the newspaper Reinpfals wrote: “The tones on the violin was unconventional they where silent, flutelike or rattling creatively manipulated by the electronics”
October 27
Concert NMH
own works with Peter Tornquist live electronics
This concert was an experiment starting from scratch. Peter and I had not decided a single thing before we went on stage. The whole performance was fully improvised, maybe going on a bit too long.
The new thing was the setup using my Genelec 5.1 from my studio together with the speakers in the Levin hall leaving the center speaker for the violin.
We wanted to achieve a feeling that the sound came from the sound source, a feeling we did not have at the Ultima concert.

Jamomaworkshop, photo: Alexander Refsum Jensenius

October 20
Jamoma workshop at the University of Oslo 3 hour introduction to Jamoma at the UIO fourMs lab.

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